About Somdorrie

Who am I?

I am Silindile Ntuli-Nxasane, a self taught South African web developer coding under the name SomDorrie. I studied at Inanda Seminary and went on to study Bcom at UKZN, but in 2004 I got sick, the illness is still undiagnosed and has left me bed ridden, for some time I thought that was it for me.

New Career

In 2018 I discovered web development, and a whole world of possibilities opened up, instantly my world tripled, and I found myself eager to learn more. Through computer languages I've started a career I can do in the comfort of my own home, an exciting career where there's always something new.

Future Goal

I study at Sololearn, Codecademy, Udemy, YouTube, Freecodecamp and various online resources. I enjoy animations and UI is one of my strong points. Currently I only do Front-End Web Development but my ultimate goal is Fullstack Development. I'm studying React and also studying Android, I will also be adding iOS.

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